Court Bonds

Cases Heard by the New Jersey Appellate Division


In order to have your final judgment, decisions, and actions from a lower court heard by the New Jersey Appellate Division, you have to meet a few requirements. Cases aren’t just automatically heard on appeal, after all.

Many cases are able to be heard by the Appellate Division as of right. Except as otherwise provided by Rule 2:2-1(a)(3) regarding final judgments appealable directly to the New Jersey Supreme Court, and except for appeals from denials by the New Jersey State Police of applications to make gun purchases under previously issued gun purchaser cards, you may take your case to the Appellate Division as of right.

There are three places the Appellate Division may hear an appeal from. First, you may take an appeal as of right from final judgments of the New Jersey Superior Court trial divisions or judges thereof sitting as statutory agents, the State Tax Court, and in summary contempt proceedings in all trial courts, save municipal courts. Second, you may take a case to the Appellate Division as of right to review final decisions or actions of state administrative agencies or officers, and to review the validity of a rule promulgated by such agency or officers except in tax matters described by Rule 8:2 and in Wage Collection Section appeals according to Rule 4:74-8. The third way to take a case to the Appellate Division as of right is in cases in which the appeal is provided by law.

Also, on application made pursuant to Rule 2:5-6, appeals may be taken to the Appellate Division by leave granted in extraordinary cases and in the interests of justice from final judgments of courts of limited jurisdiction or actions or decisions of agencies or officers that are appealable as a matter of right in a trial or Superior Court where the jurisdiction of the court, agency, or officer is substantially questioned.

An appeal or supersedeas bond will secure your right to appeal a case and stay the execution of the lower court judgment.

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