Court Bonds

How to Appeal to the New Jersey Supreme Court


Much like the United States Supreme Court, the New Jersey Supreme Court only hears certain cases. Not every case appealed to the Appellate Division in New Jersey is able to then move up to the Supreme Court of New Jersey to be reviewed.

Appeals may be taken by certification from final judgments to the Appellate Division pursuant to Rule 2:12 regarding appeals to the New Jersey Supreme Court on certification. Appeals from final judgment may also be taken as of right in cases determined by the Appellate Division involving a substantial question arising under either the U.S. or State Constitution, in cases where there is a dissent in the Appellate Division, directly from trial courts when the death penalty is imposed and in post-conviction proceedings in such cases, and finally in cases as provided by law.

Appeals further may be taken to the New Jersey Supreme Court by its leave from interlocutory orders of trial courts where the death penalty is imposed, of the Appellate Division when necessary to prevent irreparable injury, and on certification by the Supreme Court to the Appellate Division pursuant to Rule 2:12-1.

When you’re appealing a case, an appeal or supersedeas bond secures your right to appeal and stays execution of the lower court’s judgment.

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