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Normalish? Airports Are Building



Reassurance that things are normalish post-pandemic might be found in the fact that airports around the country are ambitiously constructing expansions. True to its reputation, Texas is leading the charge with four big builds. Up, up and away?


Lifting Off In Texas

Reporting for Construction Dive, Julie Strupp observes “As the air travel industry continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, work previously put on hold is moving forward. Many airport upgrade projects are also getting a boost from the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, including $2.89 billion in fiscal year 2023 and $15 billion overall.” Indeed, airports across the country are propelling into the future with expansions and upgrades. Texas may be leading the charge, with construction booming at four major airports. Houstonites could be feeling somewhat slighted, with the West Concourse of it’s airport getting a mere $4.5 million upgrade, while Austin- Bergstrom is benefitting from a $6.5 million investment:


As the city continues to grow, Austin’s main airport has increasingly struggled to accommodate passengers, but it now has 61 projects worth $6.5 billion planned over the next two decades to fix that. They include a new concourse with 10 additional gates that will connect to the main terminal by an underground tunnel, slated to break ground by 2030, as well as other expansions and upgrades. It is funded through bonds, the IIJA and other sources. Construction has started on the $165 million Barbara Jordan Terminal upgrades, which will bring three new gates, two relocated gates and new concessions and other facilities by spring 2026. In the longer term, three gates will be removed to build the tunnel connecting the terminal to the new concourse … .Pre-design and building removal work is also underway on a new midfield concourse that will replace the South Terminal, according to the airport. 


Construction Dive also reports that Dallas-Fort Worth, home of the second-largest airport in the United States, is picking up on pre-COVID ambitions for air travel:


Dallas-Fort Worth International, the country’s second-largest airport, recently announced an expansion as part of a 10-year use and lease agreement with American Airlines, which includes construction of a sixth terminal. The project also entails renovation of the existing Terminal C and other upgrades and will bring 24 new gates in total. Design work was underway when COVID-19 hit and the project was put on hold, but it’s now full steam ahead. The new Terminal F includes 15 new gates, and will cost an estimated $1.63 billion. The expansion of the Central Terminal Area — including Terminal C, “pier” expansions off Terminal A and Terminal C and upgrades to roadways and terminal access — have a price tag of $2.72 billion. Some funding comes from the IIJA.


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Not To Be Forgotten: San Antonio

San Antonio has grown by 8% in ten years. Estimates indicate a million more people will call the city home by 2040. Recognizing that airport expansion is critical to the regional boom, public leaders have approved a multi-billion dollar build, slated for completion by 2028. Construction Dive reports:


San Antonio International Airport plans to build a new terminal and upgrade runways, roads and parking as part of its 20-year, $2.5 billion airport strategic development plan to keep up with growth. The new terminal will be bigger than the two existing terminals combined, with up to 17 gates. Pre-construction is expected to start in 2024 with a target completion date of March 2028. The first of the projects will be smaller than the rest. Greeley, Colorado-based Hensel Phelps will design and build a new ground load facility, relocate an existing gate and create additional overnight parking for aircraft. Construction on this portion is scheduled to start in 2024 and be complete by 2025.


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