License & Permit Bonds

North Carolina Bowling Alleys Resume


On Tuesday, a North Carolina state judge ruled to block a part of Governor Roy Cooper’s executive orders designed to handle the COVID-19 pandemic. Judge James Gale launched a preliminary injunction applying to each of the North Carolina bowling establishments.

Under the novel injunction, bowling centers must limit patrons to 50% capacity, require nearly every person to wear a face mask, keep one bowling lane unoccupied between each bowling group, and sanitize shoes and bowling balls between uses.

If you are a business owner in North Carolina who was waiting for your bowling establishment to be allowed to open again, you are finally able to do so! You can also obtain or renew your bowling alleys license, guaranteeing that your business will follow all applicable laws and regulations when in operation. This type of bond is a license bond.

License bonds are required by state, federal, and local government agencies as prerequisites for many licensed businesses to operate legally. Colonial Surety Company’s Get your bowling alley license bond, now.