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North Carolina Real Estate Sees Spike During COVID-19 Pandemic


Throughout the United States, certain communities are seeing a large spike in real estate sales. In July of 2020, the urban community of Buncombe County, North Carolina, has experienced a 59% jump in pending real estate. In divergent provinces throughout the state, counties are noticing a steep rise in homes being purchased, including Yancey County at a 67% increase, Mitchell County at 73%, and Madison County at 139%.

Attributable to the COVID-19 pandemic and implementations, experts believe more families are moving out of the cities and venturing towards territories they deem “safer,” than their current neighborhoods. With families adjusting to the novel, temporary rules of social distancing, homes that have extra rooms to be converted into offices or workrooms for children are becoming much more scarce and desirable. Dwellings with a large, open floor plan and excellent Internet connection are at the top of the list for families.

“Here in town, my wife and I still went on a walk every day. We have a newborn daughter, and we took her out in the stroller,” New homeowner Matthew Hoagland stated. “We have tennis courts in town and mountain biking trails. With those things, not only are we still able to enjoy those amenities, (but) we actually had a little more time to do it.”

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