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Napa County Loosen Restrictions on Construction and Real Estate


Napa County, California officially relaxed the county’s current shelter-at-home instruction by decreasing restrictions on in-person home viewings and construction. The novel order rolls back restrictions on construction workers supporting building, operation, inspection and maintenance of projects and worksites, including private home construction. What’s more, restrictions on surveyors and employees piloting site investigations are also diminished.

The county offered a 13-point checklist that gives significant guidance for social distancing at construction sites. In the real estate province, the order allows transactions, including leases, rentals, and home sales, that apply to escrow agents, real estate agents, notaries and title companies. Though the order recommends residential viewings happen virtually as frequently as possible, it allows in-person residential viewings only by appointment, with no more than two visitors at a time residing in the same living unit or household and one individual showing the unit.

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