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Notaries: On The Move



Mobile notary services are making it more convenient then ever to attend to the important documents that move lives and businesses forward. A number of public institutions and private businesses are also recognizing the value of having notaries at hand. Library? Hospital? Why not?


Mobile Notary Services

Having official documents witnessed by a notary public has long been an important way to deter fraud, though it is traditionally associated with inconvenience and the hassle of running around town with a pile of paperwork and the clock ticking during business hours. Understandably, during the thick of the pandemic, mobile and online services trends that had been on the rise, became even more popular. As mobile notary, Earica Owens, explains to the Killeen Daily Herald: I work on Saturdays and Sundays — theres not necessarily a time frame that I dont work…Call me, after you finish cooking dinner. You dont have to worry about leaving your house at all…My service is for convenience. It is like ordering a pizza. Yeah, you can pick it up, but wouldnt it be nice to just keep your pajamas on and wait for them to bring it to your house?”


In addition to going door to door, mobile notaries can also be found “popping up” strategically around their communities. Youth centers, libraries, hospitals and health centers are all places where busy and stressed families are relieved to find onsite notary services. As Forbes reports, notaries positioned in “brick and mortar” locales continue to be in demand too:


Generally, businesses that offer financial services, shipping services or title transfers will keep a notary public on staff. Although, just as with banks, you can expect to pay a fee for getting a document notarized if you are not already a customer. Some types of businesses where you may find a notary include:

  • Law offices
  • Real estate offices
  • Tax preparers
  • Photocopy shops
  • Shipping stores
  • Colleges and universities
  • Libraries


Consistently Required

With demand for notaries going strong, no matter where or how notaries operate their businesses, securing a notary bond remains a requirement in most states—and Colonial Surety is here to help. Essentially a form of protection to the public, a notary bond serves as a guarantee that all duties will be performed in accordance with regulations. As a leading, national, direct bond provider, Colonial Surety makes it easy and speedy for notaries across the country to obtain or renew notary bonds that meet the specific “obligee requirements” in their states. With Colonial’s direct, digital service, notary bonds can be obtained anytime, from anywhere. The steps are easy—get a quote online, fill out the information, and enter a payment method. Bonds can then be e-filed or printed instantly. Obtain Notary Bond Here.


Good To Know

Clients often assume that the presence of a notary somehow authenticates the documents involved in a transaction. While notaries do validate the identities of individuals signing documents, they cannot verify the accuracy or legitimacy of the documents themselves. However, as one  mobile notary explains, it is best practice to check that clients are comfortable with the documents they are signing. For example, though a notary cannot advise on the documents, a notary can encourage clients to take their time reading them and making appropriate inquiries if there is any confusion before signing.


Coming Soon: Protection For Notaries

Notary bonds are an important protection for the public, but do not protect notaries from lawsuits alleging mistakes or oversights. Even defense against allegations is costly. To help, Colonial will soon roll out affordable professional liabiity insurance also known as Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance. This protects notaries from the everyday risks involved in providing professional services, such as claims of negligence, work mistakes and oversights, missed deadlines and omissions. Armed with professional liability coverage, notaries have coverage for legal defense expenses, as well as the cost of settlements and judgments. Watch for professional liability coverage HERE.


Founded in 1930, Colonial Surety Company is a reliable, affordable and dependable source of insurance and surety bonds for working people and their businesses all across the country. Our direct, digital portfolio of 4,000 license and permit bonds and liability protections cover a wide range of interests, professions and businesses.


Colonial Surety Company is listed by the U.S. Treasury as an approved surety, and rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best—an accolade of which we are extremely proud.