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Notary Public Demand Surges During COVID-19 Shutdown


Since the commencement of the pandemic, notary publics have been in high demand, with many notaries seeing a dramatic increase of in-person business. Notary publics are individuals who act as impartial parties to make sure legal and other documents are signed without fraud. This service, which typically requires that all parties be present during the signing, is usually offered by banks or shipping stores as an added service, as well as by independent mobile notaries.

Virginia notaries had begun to transition to operating solely online when the Commonwealth passed its Remote Online Notarization laws in 2011. During the COVID-19 pandemic, notaries have been needed more than ever. Many notaries started implementing curbside signing as states shutdown, with notaries watching their clients sign documents through their cars or house windows. This allowed them to witness the signing while maintaining social distancing requirements set by a given state.

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