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NY Businesses Will Be Shut Down for Reopening Violations


Per New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, businesses who fail to comply with the state’s novel guidelines for reviving the economy. The Governor explained the Executive Order will help the state enforce reopening rules and establishments violating the order could be immediately shut down.

“We need local governments to do their part,” Cuomo stated while in his daily COVID-19 briefing on Thursday, June 18 in New York City. “Violations of the rules and regulations will allow the State Liquor Authority to issue an immediate suspension of liquor licenses, and that includes any bar or restaurant,” he instructed. “Businesses violating the rules could also see an immediate shutdown order.”

On Thursday, Governor Cuomo also launched an Executive Order holding bars accountable for sidewalk or areas in front of their buildings. As long as businesses follow the law, Cuomo believes great progress will be made.

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