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Pennsylvania to Restart Construction in May


On April 22nd, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced construction projects can resume again, even before the state as a whole begins to reopen. Per the Governor, all construction projects in the Keystone state, are able to restart on the first of May. This announcement follows a reopening plan for each county that will begin on May 8th.

“The idea is that all construction will be able to start May 1st and we are working with the industry to make sure there are strict guidelines regarding safety, social distancing, wearing of masks, [so] that we can do this in a safe way,” Governor Wolf stated.

In March of 2020, construction was originally halted unless it was for emergency repairs, performed at a health care facility, or launched by a select quantity of establishments that obtained a waiver to commence the project. To continue combating the current pandemic, the Governor will create strict guidelines for construction companies when performing their duties, such as wearing face masks at worksites and maintaining social distancing.

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