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Phoenix: Busy Building


Highways, bridges, public transit, and water infrastructure are all on the docket, as Phoenix, Arizona expands and innovates. Coming in at number eight on the American Society of Civil Engineers 2022 listing of “best places for civil engineers,” Phoenix is reportedly flush with funds and opportunities for architects, civil engineers—and, of course, builders.


Spreading Out

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) recently finished widening Loop 101, adding travel lanes and improving the crossings along thirteen miles of State Highway 101 to the north of Phoenix. American Socienty of Civil Engineers (ASCE) reports, that’s a good thing, given how Phoenix has been spreading out, with new neighborhoods sprouting up around the outskirts. The ADOT has been busy innovating too. For example, to help relieve heat in urban areas of Phoenix, “The department recently tested the application of cool pavements on 36 mi of residential streets…” Perhaps even more interesting is Phoenix is also has ambitious new street and transit plans:


In 2015, Phoenix voters passed Proposition 104 to infuse $31 billion over 25 years into the city’s public transit system, according to the state report card. Four light-rail extensions and a new streetcar line are being planned or are under construction to create an approximately 49 mi system in the Phoenix metropolitan area by 2030.

And Phoenix has embarked on a so-called complete streets program intended to make select streets in the city more walkable and accommodating to all modes of transportation. “Through this policy, the primary focus of street design will no longer be solely on the speed and efficiency of automobile travel, but on the safety and comfort of all users of the public right-of-way,” explains the project’s website.


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Good To Know

Even though Phoenix is a desert city, it’s water infrastructure is quite secure, thanks to both its location at the bottom of the Salt River watershed and the historic Central Arizone Project: “The CAP is a complex system of aqueducts, tunnels, pumping stations, underground siphons, and reservoirs that collectively move more than 1.4 million acre-ft each year roughly 336 mi across the Sonoran Desert. The CAP transports water from Lake Havasu to the west to points south and east, ending just south of Tucson.

The system brings water to approximately 1 million acres of land in the heart of Arizona and helped the state nearly double its population in the roughly 30 years since it was completed in 1993.”


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