Contract Surety

Pre-Bid Due Diligence is a Key for Contractors


Evaluating subcontractors and material distributors in a construction project while having clear, quality contracts can be the difference between making profits or suffering a loss. That’s why it’s so important for contractors to do due diligence on project participants while also making sure that all contract documents are clear and have all terms of the project laid out. Learn more at

Having a subcontractor default on a project can cause delays. So can not being able to receive a quantity of material necessary. So can confusion over what exactly you have to do on a project. That’s why taking the time before bidding on a project can make all the difference in the world.

Spend a little time now to sort out these terms and participants now instead of a lot of time later and risk having a bond claim against you.

So where can you purchase bid and payment/performance bonds for a project?

Colonial offers the direct and digital way to obtain bid and payment/performance bonds as well as any other surety bonds. We are the insurance company — which means no agent, no broker, and no middleman. We work with our potential contractor clients to supply us with a full submission. If approved, we then grant a surety line of credit with single and aggregate bonding limits. Our contractor partners then receive a login to a partnership account which gives them valuable tools to manage their business and print bid bonds as well as order performance and payments bonds all from their computer. Visit us today at to apply to be a partner.