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Revenge Travel: Agents Please


Despite high costs and service lags, travel is up, up and away this summer. Suddenly it seems that everyone who can is looking to make up for the losses brought on by Covid. Some long-time travel agents say they have never before experienced such a busy time, as they help customers navigate new possibilities and problem solve logistical challenges.

 Sharp Uptick in Travel Plans

As Delta Air Lines CEO put it: “demand is off the charts,”—even as the airline industry confronts the challenge of revving back up for action. One survey of travel itineraries reveals that travel to Europe alone is up 600% from summer 2021. Meanwhile, as NPR reports, “The industry as a whole isn’t operating at the same level as it was before the pandemic. Fewer flight routes, fewer crew members and less equipment mean that capacity is down.” That’s why creative travel agents are in big demand: customers need help plotting out trips in advance—and seeking out new possible destinations. As one travel advisor shares with The New York Times: “My best advice is to book early, be flexible and dont go where everyone else is going, when everyone else is going there…Be willing to go to offbeat places and think outside the box.” A good example of a destination that is off the beaten path, but hopping with action these days, especially for travelers craving the outdoors—followed by a good brew, is Fort Collins.

Busier Then Ever: Travel Agents

Agents who can guide customers through both the logistical pragmatics of traveling these day and offer new possibilities for journeying forward are in big demand. As Eric Hrubant, the owner of CIRE Travel in New York City, who has two decades of experience in the industry told NPR, “The past few months have been the busiest he has ever seen, given the mix of limited staff, limited contacts abroad and plenty of new customers.” Among Hrubant’s tips for travellers are:

“If you are set on that European fantasy trip, try to wait until September or even October. That way you’ll get a much better value, you’ll deal with fewer crowds and you’ll have a much wider variety of options for where to stay and what to do.”

 Remember that everyone has had a rough past few years. Trying to return to normal has put a lot of stress on the fewer workers in the hospitality industry: “Everyone is beat down and overworked right now…Be nice, be patient and just know that you’re gonna have the best experience if you go into it with the best mindset.”

Good To Know: Travel Agent Bonds?

Most states require travel agents to procure a type of surety bond, often referred to as a travel agent bond (or seller of travel bond) in order to operate a travel business. Like all surety bonds, a travel agent bond involves three parties: the obligee (the public entity requiring the bond); the principal (the person needing the bond); and the surety company that issues the bond. Essentially, when you secure a travel agent bond, you are guaranteeing that you will abide by all applicable regulations. Failure to do so can result in a claim against your bond. In that way, travel agent bonds serve as a form of protection to the public—a commitment that your travel business is run professionally, honestly and in accordance with the law. (If you want to learn more about surety bonds, you’ll find this brief video helpful.)

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 Good To Know

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