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Craft Brewing: Fort Collins!



Fort Collins, Colorado is home base for New Belgium Brewing Company (think Fat Tire), Anheuser-Busch’s famous Clydesdales—and a hopping scene of craft and cider brewers. Whether you’re a brewer, consumer, traveler—or all of the above, the scene in Fort Collins is bound to leave you thirsting to get in on the action.


A Hopping Place

Just 60 miles from Denver—and it’s expanding airport, Fort Collins, at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, is home to 20 (and counting) craft breweries and produces seven percent of the craft beer in the United States. Here’s a sip of the brewing action in Fort Collins:


Odell Brewing Company was the first craft brewery established in Fort Collins and is going strong today with award-winners like 90 Shilling Ale and 5 Barrel Pale Ale. Visit their tasting room for some great beers, including a few experimental brews…If youre in the mood for some classic American food with your beer, head over to CB & Potts or CooperSmiths Pub & Brewing for delicious homemade dishes and even better beers. CooperSmiths even makes their own root beer!…Equinox Brewing will give you the opportunity to not only taste the beer, but also take the recipe home to make your own. Equinox sits adjacent to Hops & Berries, a Fort Collins home brew store. Find everything you need to create your own specialty brew! If you cant decide which brewery to visit, try following our Foam on the Range Tour to get a taste of them all.


Sound good? As brewers, know, anyone in the business of making, distributing, serving or selling liquor needs a liquor license bond—and it is important not to let the bond expire. Failure to renew a bond can result in loss of licensure. Colonial Surety is here to help. We’re direct bond writers—so we provide our lowest possible rate direct to business owners. Our digital bonds are customized to the specifications for alcohol licensing in every market around the country.


We make it so easy to obtain a liquor license bond that you can do it now. Sometimes referred to as an alcoholic retailer license bond, the steps to obtaining the bond at Colonial are simple: get a quote online, fill out your information, and enter a payment method. Then you can simply print or even e-file your bond from anywhere.

Liquor License Bond Here

What Exactly Is a Liquor License Bond?

Sometimes referred to as an alcoholic retailer license bond, or simply as an alcohol beverage bond, a liquor license bond is a type of surety bond and involves three parties: the obligee (the public entity requiring the bond); the principal (the person needing the bond); and the surety company that issues the bond. Essentially, when you secure a liquor license bond, you are guaranteeing that you will abide by all of the regulations applicable in your state. Failure to do so can result in a claim against your bond. In that way, liquor license bonds serve as a form of protection to the public—a commitment that your alcohol retail business is run professionally, honestly and in accordance with the law. (If you want to learn more about surety bonds, you’ll find this brief video helpful.)

It is critical for a liquor license bond to be written to the specific requirements of the obligee. As a direct writer, Colonial is prepared to meet the specific requirements of obligees across the country—and we are licensed for business in every state. There’s no need to get stuck in the middle when you are required to obtain an liquor license bond:: get it directly, right here today.


Nice To Know


The New York Times reports that despite the gas prices and other travel challenges, creative planners can still have fun this summer, especially if they are willing to try something new. For example: “There are many regions with spirits circuits to stand in for a trip to Scotland (consider the Kentucky Bourbon Trail) or beer-centric towns that might slake your thirst for Germany (Fort Collins, Colo., holds its own…).”


Colonial Surety is here to help small businesses and self-starters in every field—from brewers to travel agents—and everyone else! Our direct, digital portfolio of 4,000 license and permit bonds makes it easy to obtain the specific, business and professional bonds required in every part of the country. From mortgage broker, to real estate agent, to motor vehicle dealer, collection agent and more—you name it, we most likely have exactly what you need: license and permit bonds here.


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