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Airports Expanding: Billions Allocated


Quick question: What do Kalispell, Montana and Mascoutah, Illinois have in common? Airport expansion! It’s underway in New York City, Denver, LA, Charlotte, San Diego, Dallas, Austin and Orlando, too. Head’s up—bids are flying.

 Space, Convenience, Modernization

 These are the requirements that top the lists of airport construction projects taking off across the country. As travel experiences are reimagined, airports are expanding—both to accommodate more passengers, more easily—and to ensure passengers and workers have plenty of space to amble about or line up without piling up. Security check points, entrance and arrival halls and concession areas are all on the expansion boards. So are the addition of more gates. More accommodations for travelers with disabilities? Yes. Areas for service animals? Yes. More recreation space? That too—though what it means is still, well, up in the air.

Construction Dive confirms that at least 10 major airports are already getting plans underway, greenlighting and even expanding on stalled efforts and ambitiously activating capital funds, revenue reserves and Federal Aviation Administration grants, as well as tapping city and state funding streams to get the building going.  For example, The Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in Austin, Texas, has a 2040 Master Plan to accommodate the region’s continuous growth projections. The city is soliciting bids this summer for a portion of the construction effort, estimated at $325 million over the next three years. Meanwhile, having had a 40% increase in tourism since 2012, the Glacier Park International Airport in Kalispell, Montana will triple in size, having green-lit a $100 million expansion effort.                           

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Building Airports?

 Flying to New York? The New York Port Authority and JFK Millennium Partners have committed to a $3.9 billion, new terminal at JFK. Featuring 10 new gates and 100,000 square feet of new dining and recreation spaces, construction is slated for completion by 2025. San Diego International is also adding a $2.2 billion terminal and a massive list of renovation projects got underway at Los Angeles International Airport in July—part of a $14.5 billion capital improvement effort. The sounds of construction are also in the air at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, which projects continued passenger growth in the region and has developed a $3.1 billion capital plan to fuel expansion through 2035.

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