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Wireless EV Charging on Highways



It’s coming! Indiana’s Department of Transportation, Purdue University and Magment, a German company, are partnering to develop the country’s first highway segment that contains contactless, wireless technologies which charge electric vehicles as they drive over it.

 Dynamic Highways In Real Time?


Real-world implementation of dynamic highways in Indiana could begin in just 3-4 years. The first of three phases of research and testing is underway. If all goes well, construction of a quarter-mile test road would happen in 2023. Construction Dive reports that success could accelerate progress across the country and globe:


This project is part of Advancing Sustainability through Powered Infrastructure for Roadway Electrification (ASPIRE), a National Science Foundation-funded research and development initiative to accelerate sustainable and equitable transportation electrification. Purdue’s Pekarek says being part of this type of consortium is beneficial for information sharing to advance the technology. “There is a leveraging effect of this and a critical mass getting established in the U.S. to foster such development,” he said.

Purdue and INDOT will document their study results to guide others around the world who are examining this new technology, especially considering it is such a new, largely untested innovation. 


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 Magnetizable Concrete?

 The effort in Indiana involves designing and testing the viability of a dynamic roadway that incorporates magnetizable concrete. Though an expensive approach, it is likely to prove useful in the shift to electric vehicles. A similar pilot effort is underway in Sweden, and as experts point out, dynamic road technology “is meant to give an extra boost to reduce EV drivers’ range anxiety — drivers’ fear of not having enough charge to reach a destination — while traveling long distances, whereas primary charging occurs at fixed points such as homes, work or stores.” Over time, it might even be possible to tap the electricity in the roadway conductors to thaw icy surfaces. Nothing slippery about that, right?

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