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Steel Bridges: Preventing Collapse



The University of Kansas has been chosen by the Federal Highway Administration for research on some of the root problems impacting aging bridges across the country. It is anticipated that the $500,000 research grant will lead to new insights for use on bridge upkeep and repair as infrastructure improvement projects get underway.


220,000 Bridges To Repair

Across the country, bridges—and the people driving on them—await repair. The American Road and Transportation Builders Association estimates that 220,000 require improvement. Fortunately, only 79,500 need to be replaced!  Each day, 171.5 million vehicles cross over “structurally deficient” bridges and the collapse of Pittsburgh’s Fern Hollow Bridge  earlier this year drew national attention to the infrastructure imperative.


With builders eager for new intel on how to avoid span failure, experts in civil, environmental and architectural engineering from the University of Kansas will be researching several issues that are key to warding off tragedy. As Construction Dive reports, one of the studies involves constraint-induced fractures “which occur when a structure can’t adapt or ‘deform’ to stress. This type of fracture can bring down bridges.” Another study will “assess the effectiveness of ultra-high toughness (UHT) steel in bridge columns and beams to improve structural reliability.” Project leads point out that steel-making capabilities have improved since many older bridges were built, and are optimistic that the new research will help builders make the best use of current possibilities, solve root problems and save money too.


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Good News for New York?

Hmm! Patch reports that there are 17,555 bridges in New York State—but  only 17,549 are awaiting repair, which would cost $33.4 billion! As budget priorities take shape, the bridges classified as structurally deficient are topping the list. Given the traffic volume, there is optimism afloat  that federal infrastructure dollars will support the repair of bridges on the BQE and Cross Bronx Expressway.


In total, $26.5 billion from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is earmarked for fixing bridges across the country. Get up to speed on the 375 programs included in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), with The White House’s “one-stop-shop” Guidebook. This resource breaks down how funds can be accessed and provides links to resources and contacts for further information and technical assistance.


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