Lost Car Title Bond

A lost car title or donated surety bond protects against any defect in title due to incorrect or incomplete evidence of ownership. Also called motor vehicle lost car title.

Colonial is the easy choice.

Colonial Surety Company is a leading provider of lost car title bonds. We’re licensed in all 50 states and U.S. territories and make it easy to obtain your I-Bond® (instant, online surety bond).

Please note: The following states require an original bond to be submitted to the obligee. Colonial will mail bonds for these states as requested.


  • You will need a lost car title bond if you meet any of the following:

    • Never received the title
    • Only received the sale or bill
    • Received an improperly assigned, damaged, or unreadable title
    • If you lost the title before, it was transferred to your name
  • The amount of the bond varies by state requirement. The premium for the bond depends on the bond amount required by your state. We offer a minimum premium of $100.00 for bond amounts up to $6,000.00, and premiums increase incrementally for amounts above $6,000.0


  • Colonial offers the direct and digital way to obtain a lost title/donated bond.  The steps are easy — get a quote online, fill out your information, and enter your payment method. Your bond will be ready for print instantly. It’s that simple!

  • Yes, it is important that you purchase your bond from a quality and financially-secure company. Incorporated since 1930, Colonial Surety Company is an A (Excellent) rated insurance company by A.M. Best. We are Treasury listed, licensed and admitted in all U.S. states and territories.

    1. Where should I register the vehicle? The bond should typically be filed in your state of residence, not in the state where you purchased the vehicle, unless otherwise specified.
    2. What is the bond amount required in my state? Each state has different requirements, and it’s best to contact the DMV to verify the specific bond amount needed. The bond amount is usually based on the vehicle’s value, ranging from the face value of the vehicle to two times its current value.
    3. Do I have to pay the full bond amount? No, the premium you pay is only a fraction of the bond amount. The premium is determined based on your state’s requirements.
    4. What is the turnaround time/when will I get my Bond?Your application will be instantly approved or declined once submitting the application. If your state requires an original bond with wet signatures to be mailed for it to be accepted, we will mail an original ASAP.
    5. What should I do after receiving the bond? You need to sign the bond and file it with the state department that is requesting the bond to title your vehicle
    6. How can I find my vehicle’s appraisal value? You can use Kelly Blue Book (https://www.kbb.com/) to estimate your vehicle’s value.

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