Surety Bonds

Need a Surety Bond? You are in the right place. Colonial Surety Company is licensed to issue surety bonds in all 50 states and territories. Simply pick the bond you need, select your state and obtain your bond in minutes. Not sure which surety bond you need? Look below for help, or call or email us now! 800-221-3662 or



Frequently Asked Questions

  • A surety bond is a written agreement between three major parties; the surety, obligee and principal. The written agreement is a guarantee under which one party (the surety) obligates itself to a second party (the obligee) to answer for the default of a third party (the principal). Colonial offers surety bonds for multiple industries and professions.

  • License bonds guarantee the business will operate in accordance with applicable government rules and regulations. Similarly, permit bonds are required before a government agency will issue permits.

    If your industry requires a surety bond, chances are you need a license bond. Simply click here to pick your state and industry – and we will pre-fill the state required bond amount. You will then be on your way to obtaining your bond in minutes, online.


  • If so, you are in the right place for court ordered court & fiduciary bonds. Court bonds are often required when the outcome of a case is still pending, such as an appeal or injunction/temporary restraining order. Fiduciary bonds are required in cases where the surrogate or probate court has required you to obtain a bond for issues such as an estate, probate, guardianship, conservatorship, etc. Click here to obtain the court required bond you need now.



  • Court bonds, such as appeal bonds, may be required in court proceedings to enable a party to pursue a remedy in court. Fiduciary bonds guarantee the faithful performance of court appointed fiduciaries, such as executors, administrators, guardians, and trustees.

  • Notary bonds allow an individual to notarize the truth of an event and provide protection for the public. Many states require notaries to obtain a surety bond. Although the bond protects the clients, the notary serves, the notary is not protected. We offer a full package for notaries, which includes the required bond, plus 25k of Errors and Omissions aka Professional Liability Insurance to protect the notary, as well as 25k of Cyber Liability Insurance.

    Notary business has taken off. Many notaries now join mobile apps to notarize when available for a fee. Others have created a full business from their notary license. Grow your notary business or start one today with the notary bond or package from Colonial. Click here to get started.

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