Fidelity Bonds

The Benefits of the Partnership Account for Pension Professionals


If you are a pension professional, you understand how taxing it can be overseeing employee benefit plans. As retirement benefits and plans transform over time, fiduciary duties remain obscure and ever-changing.  This process can be even more difficult If you happen to manage several employees benefit plans, as can making sure you meet every ERISA-related requirement with each plan.

That’s why we built the Partnership Account for pension professionals. Our user-friendly online platform streamlines the ERISA bonding process, helping augment productivity for partners while reducing costs for their plan sponsors. With our system, you can quote and purchase your bonds instantly online, have access to our dynamic client management dashboard, complete ERISA plan sponsor insurance protection, receive financial incentives for referrals, have a free bonding compliance program, and be sent personalized hyperlinks for annual census and onboarding documents.

What Types of Bonds Are Offered for Pension Professionals?

We offer exceptional products for you and your plan sponsors. With our digital portal, we are able to provide ERISA fidelity bonds, fiduciary liability insurance, and errors and omissions insurance for pension professionals. For plan sponsors, we’ve created an exclusive package of ERISA coverage that contains fiduciary liability insurance for unmatched value and protection.

Our adept support team is fluent in all aspects of ERISA bonding and insurance. What’s more, our ERISA support customer service representatives and attorneys have decades of expertise in ERISA fidelity bonding and insurance and are ready to help guide you through the bonding process.

What is the Partnership Account Sign-Up Process?

Became a partner with Colonial Surety couldn’t be easier. First, create a partnership account with us. Once your account is approved, you can access your account at any time. Second, use your referral code to start the ERISA bond application to your clients, or send the code to your clients for them to start the application process. Third, start managing your client’s bonding coverage! Our straightforward tools allow you to track your client’s bonding status, verifying compliance, and renewing their coverage—all online.

Get Started with our Partnership Account

Colonial Surety’s pioneering e-commerce engine allows you to instantly obtain your bond online. Simply enter in the required information, type in your payment method, and print your bond on-demand. Contact us today to learn more about the Partnership Account and its benefits.