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Time To Take Off:  $43.6 Billion for Airports



Remember that happy feeling of lift off? Well, airports and airplanes across the country are soaring ahead with new projects—which will elevate the spirits of builders too.

 Expansions and Innovations

 Across the country plans are in the works to expand airports, adapt terminals for electric aircraft and end the pause on long awaited improvements. Construction Business Owner reports:

 The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has identified 3,304 existing public-use airports and six proposed new airports that are expected to drive spending estimates to approximately $43.6 billion for projects that will be launched over the next few years. That’s an increase of $8.5 billion from the last estimate.

One new trend coming our way: electric aircraft. Washington Sate Department of Transportation has designated Yakima Air Terminal for beta testing of electric aircraft. Additionally :

Five other sites were designated as test sites, and 15 additional airports will form the initial network for electric aircraft. If projections are correct, electric and hybrid electric aircraft manufacturers may have up to 20 planes in service soon, with more than a dozen more in development.

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Airports Under Construction

 Action is getting way everywhere you can imagine—and some places you might not. For example, in San Antonio, city leaders say it won’t be long until a new terminal gets underway in response to 10 years of steady passenger increases. Action is also anticipated at the airports in Austin, Houston, Dallas—and Abilene, where $172 million is planned for taxiway, runway and hangar repairs, as well as commercial development.

Renovations at Northwest Arkansas National Airport are also slated to resume soon with a $315 million budget. In Virginia, public input is underway on a 20-Year Master Plan for the Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport. Kentucky’s Barkley Regional Airport already had a groundbreaking ceremony for a new $42 million passenger terminal, with construction slated to begin later this year.

The Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is in the planning phase for a new concourse, terminal and connecting tunnel. In Missouri, bids will be accepted soon for the first in a major series of new hangar construction projects.

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