Contract Surety

Types of Construction Projects Deemed “Essential” in New Jersey


Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey has imposed new rules for construction businesses. These measures come in light of the coronavirus epidemic impacting each state across the country. If your establishment is conducting construction deemed essential, these projects include the following:

  • Projects for health care, including health care facilities and hospitals.
  • Transportation projects, including bridges, roads, and physical infrastructure.
  • Utility projects.
  • Residential projects that are solely affordable housing.
  • Projects involving K-12 schools in Schools Development Authority districts or higher education facilities.
  • Projects currently underway at an individual apartment unit or single-family home, where an individual already resides, with a construction crew of 5 or fewer.
  • Projects currently underway regarding a residential unit which a tenant or buyer has legally agreed to occupy by a certain date, if construction is necessary for the unit’s availability.
  • Projects concerning the distribution, storage, manufacture, or servicing of products sold by essential retail businesses.
  • Data facilities or centers crucial for a business’s ability to function.
  • Projects for the delivery of essential social services, including homeless shelters.
  • Projects supporting first responders or law enforcement.
  • Projects ordered by state or federal government.
  • Work to safeguard and secure non-essential construction project for its suspension.
  • Emergency repairs needed for the safety and health of NJ residents.

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