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Capitalizing on the unprecedented flow of public funds into infrastructure work around the country, while faced with a severe shortage of labor and continued supply chain disruptions, requires contractors to be more agile than ever–and that includes having the right equipment. 


Flexibility Is A Must

Leaders at CASE Construction Equipment see lots of opportunity for contractors as the dollars from government infrastructure commitments really get flowing out to projects that have long been in need of attention: “There is a tremendous amount of opportunity. We’re seeing unprecedented public investment into infrastructure that is beginning to be dispersed state by state. There are lots of roads that need to be repaired, fiber optic that needs to be laid, water lines that need to be replaced … the list goes on and on.” On the other hand, builders are coping with an industry-wide shortage of labor, making it more important that ever to have the right equipment readily available:


The biggest challenge we’ve seen across all sectors of the construction industry has been the shortage of labor—whether it’s operators, manual laborers or technicians. Being able to find people, bring them into the industry, develop their skills and retain talent continues to be a challenge for contractors and suppliers alike. And with massive government investment into infrastructure kicking into high gear—we’ll see even greater demands for labor….With so much public investment happening in infrastructure, contractors will need to be more flexible than ever. They’ll need machines that can be easily transported or roaded from site to site. They’ll need more attachment versatility to handle a wider range of work, and they’ll need machines that can easily maneuver in tight spaces.


Given the unprecedented opportunities to build, experts observe that “contractors big and small can have plenty of work to bite into if they’re equipped to be competitive on the job,” and share these insights about equipment considerations:


Wheeled excavators or small articulated loaders, which are already quite popular in Europe, offer the agility contractors will need without tearing up existing turf or other surfaces, all while operating in a very compact footprint. CASE is releasing a full line of small articulated loaders that bring construction-grade muscle to small machines and a massive range of powerful attachments….Beyond entirely new equipment classes, we see a lot of potential for machine upgrades like:


  • Zero-tailswing designs that minimize footprints
  • Electrohydraulics that improve operator control and experience
  • Side-shift functionality on backhoe loaders to maximize their versatility and safety



Doubling down on equipment maintenance is also a must-do for contractors looking to gain efficiencies while working to grow. Speed, ease and agility when going after new bids remain key, and Colonial Surety is here to help. Receive free business credit scores instantly, just for submitting our simple Pre-Qual for a surety line of credit–in writing. 


Upon approval, you’ll always have an edge with these significant contractor advantages:


  • Written Bonding Limits: Receive your single and aggregate bonding limits in writing.


  • Instant Bid Bond Issuance: Gain the ability to issue your own bid bonds within minutes, using our power of attorney.


  • Real-Time Visibility: Log in anytime to your private dashboard to view your underwriting profile and insightful financial data in real-time.


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