Surety Bonds

What Counts as a Lost Instrument?


lost instrument bond, also known as a lost deed or a lost note bond, is required for a misplaced or stolen financial instrument. Before financial institutions issue a replacement of the missing instrument, they may require the applicant to secure a lost instrument bond. This surety bond guarantees that such an applicant will repay the financial institution for any loss suffered as a result of duplicate securities or other issued instruments.

The obligee of the lost instrument is the financial institution that is issuing the original document, or instrument, lost by the principal. Principals are then required to purchase a lost instrument bond, as they are the ones who lost the item in the first place. Subsequently, a surety company will issue the lost instrument surety bond, ensuring that the money is available to the obligee in the event of wrongdoing by the principal.

You may be wondering which items make constitute lost instrument! Lost instruments include the following missing items:

  • life insurance policies
  • car titles
  • stock certificates
  • cashier’s checks
  • real estate certificates
  • property deeds
  • municipal or corporate bonds
  • loan shares
  • savings bank books

Lost Instrument Bond’s premium is based on the amount of the surety bond required by the bank or other entities issuing the duplicate instruments for each lost bond. Established in 1930, we have created an online bond issuance platform. Just visit Colonial Surety Company, select the bond you need, quote, apply, print your bond. You can easily access your bond using your desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Click here to obtain your Lost Instrument Bond now!