Court Bonds

What is a Replevin Bond?


Imagine you recently moved out of your old apartment into a new pad. However, your former landlord decided to keep some of your personal property in return for rent not being paid. What action can you take to get your property back?

Replevin is a court action to conclude the rightful owner of personal property in question. A replevin bond permits the plaintiff to take possession the property withheld by the defended prior to a hearing. Replevin bonds make sure that if the defendant wins the case, the plaintiff will forfeit the property to them. If the plaintiff loses but refuses to return the property at all or in its original condition, the defendant can file a claim in the bond amount they paid.

When temporarily awarding possession of property to a plaintiff during the course of a lawsuit, courts require replevin bonds. The replevin bond amount varies from case to case and are based on the value of the property being disputed in court. The court will habitually set the bond amount.

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