Court Bonds

Who Starts a Trust


A trust settlor, also known as a grantor, trustor, trust maker, or creator, is the person who creates the trust. When making a trust, they establish which property of theirs they will grant to the trust and then transfer ownership of that property to the trust. Once the property is transferred to the trust, the trustee handles and administers that property according to the terms of the trust. The settlor can reserve specific powers in the trust for themselves if they are living when they create the trust.

Settlors can also serve as trustees. A trust can also have more than one settlor and trustee. Settlors can also be trust beneficiaries but not sole beneficiaries because they would be dictating terms of the trust to themselves.

Trustees may be required by a court or trust document to obtain trustee surety bonds in order to protect the trustees’ interests.

But where can you easily purchase a trustee surety bond?

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