Fidelity Bonds

Why Should You Bond Your Cleaning Business?


When cultivating a new business, your reputation is but a mere seed sown in luscious soil. One way to help nourish your company’s social standing is by taking steps to ensure customer protection and satisfaction. Though bonds like janitorial and home service bonds are not required by certain companies like cleaning businesses, obtaining one can grant you immense competitive advantage over your industry rivals. Whether your novel business involves plumbing, landscaping, painting, or house cleaning, securing this bond will ensure customers you have their best interest in mind.

What is a Janitorial and Home Service Bond?

Your staff of cleaning employees likely has access to private offices and residences—unsupervised. No matter how much trust you place in your dedicated workers, there is always ample opportunity for deception and theft. A Janitorial and Home Service bond reimburses your client from employee theft and safeguard your company against claims.  Also known as custodian bonds and home services bonds, the price tag for this bond fluctuates depending on the type of coverage requested for potential losses.  Fortunately, these bonds are very inexpensive in comparison to the amount of coverage you can obtain.

Purchase Fidelity­ Bonds

Give your customers peace of mind with a janitorial service bond from Colonial Surety Company. Your clients will be comfortable doing business with you knowing your trustworthy business reputation. We are an A-rated insurance and bond company by A.M. Best. Incorporated in 1930, we are treasury listed and licensed in all U.S. states. With no middleman or agent involved, our quick, easy-to-use online process allows you to collect your fidelity bond in minutes. Enter in the information requested in our online form and print or e-file your bond. Contact us today to purchase your janitorial and home service bond and give your clients the protection they deserve.