Yes, Employees Are Still Saving for Retirement!


Despite the upheavals of 2020, a third quarter analysis by Fidelity Investments indicates that employees continue striving to save via employer-sponsored plans.

Retirement Saving Trends: Holding Steady

Fidelity’s Building Financial Futures report on retirement saving trends in the third-quarter of 2020 finds that contributions to defined contribution plans are “holding steady despite these unprecedented times.”

Specific trends that plan sponsors may find encouraging include:


  • Very few employees or employers have decreased savings rates. 9.4% of participants contributing to their 401(k) plan have decreased their deferrals during Q3 2020; this is up from 8.2% the year before.


  • Defined plan participation continues to climb, with Auto-enrollment (AE) proving to be a changing force: 90% of employees who are auto-enrolled dont opt-out.


  • With the recent market activity, balances have rebounded by 14% from the previous quarter.


Retirement plans also helped meet the immediate needs of employees during the pandemic:


  • In Q3 2020, 8% of participants took money from their plan, with the CARES Act distribution option representing 36% of those transactions.


  • The average CARES Act distribution amount is $9,000, and the median amount is $2,400.


  • Overall money out activity was 10% higher in Q3 2020 over Q3 2019.


Encourage Employees To Keep Saving

Plan sponsors are encouraged to keep a steady stream of communications flowing to plan participants. Make sure, for example that employees know how to revisit their contributions regularly. Offer examples of how even tiny increases add up over time. Also, consider “Auto Increase” options: Fidelity found that they accounted for 65% of deferral increases in the third-quarter of 2020.

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