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88,000 Square Feet Along the River?



What would you build with that? How about constructing a snake run, a flow bowl and an amoeba pool? Sounds like a $6.1 million skatepark, right?  After 17 years of planning, fundraising and building that’s what’s new in Des Moines, Iowa.


That’s how designers, builders, kids, professional skaters and Des Moines residents, civic leaders and philanthropists all feel about the newly opened Lauridsen Skatepark. Built on land provided by the city and made possible through public and private funding as well as careful planning to overcome engineering and design challenges, the park opened just in time for an Olympic qualifying competition, The Dew Tour. The Des Moines Register reports that the Lauridsen Skatepark is now the largest skatepark in the country.


WOW—that’s also what the skateable, steel sculpture at the park’s entrance spells—in large cursive letters, constructed to mimic the flow of the river. Ready to get in the flow with some cool building projects of your own? Go for it—if ever there was time to carpe diem it’s now right? Let Colonial Surety Company arm you with a surety line of credit so you can go after your dream jobs with more confidence then ever. Contractors who complete a brief (we promise!) pre-qualification for Colonial’s surety line of credit even receive, for free, Dun & Bradstreet scores.


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Engineering and Possibility Thinking Too


It took 17 years for the vision, plans, and funding for Des Moine’s new skatepark to come together. You can bet there were lots of hopes and dreams and pragmatic considerations tucked into the design and building process. As engineering firm Snyder & Associates describes some of the vision:


Beyond creating a competition-level skatepark for area youth, the designers also wanted a facility that seamlessly tied to the surrounding community. To that end, the skatepark incorporates an extension to the Principal Riverwalk, giving pedestrians using the trail an option to travel through the passive section of the skatepark. The nearby Women of Achievement Bridge spanning the Des Moines River adds an additional element to the setting and serves as a route to the skatepark from the East Village. Attractive landscaping features designed by the Snyder & Associates team create a park-like setting that welcomes community gathering events.


On the southern edge of the skatepark, a skateable sculpture feature welcomes visitors as they approach the park. Spelling the word WOW in large cursive letters, the sculpture mimics the flowing currents of the river and creates a sort-of entryway signage. Our structural design team created the heavy-duty foundation to support this massive steel sculpture that still allows skateboarders to safely use it for performing tricks.


Back in 2014, when the 78,000 North Houston Skatepark was built, it was the largest in the country. Hmmm! Who’s next? Chances are that some folks are dreaming up something cool for the public spaces near you. Ready to bid? Come on, join the fun—get armed with The Partnership Account®  from Colonial Surety. Then, you’ll go after all kinds of cool new projects with speed and confidence — knowing your bidding and financial information is secure.



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