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Zooming Along: Building Speed



How does $205 billion for a national high-speed rail sound? With infrastructure planning underway and prospects of returning to the office on lots of minds, transportation possibilities are everywhere. Remember the Jetsons…? Think it will happen?

Possibility Thinking

With “normal” rapidly becoming a thing of the past, it may be time to not just repair—but reimagine. For example, Construction Dive has reported on the possibility of  a $205 billion investment in making trains a viable transportation option around the country:

 Supporters…say it would better connect so-called “economic megaregions,” create a national transportation strategy and reduce traffic congestion. They also said it would create at least 2.6 million jobs over five years in construction and other sectors.

Whatever the final form legislative initiatives take, infrastructure spending looks to be on the rise. It is exhilarating to think about speed, right? Imagine zipping from Houston to Dallas in 90 minutes? Baltimore to New York in an hour?

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Already In Motion

While anticipating federal infrastructure spending, cities and states across the country are already putting builders to work. New public-private partnerships are moving projects to the finish line and the previously unimaginable is underway. For example,  Manhattan is building a beach. Las Vegas will soon have a speedy underground tram system, and Seattle’s building the world’s first net-zero carbon arena.

With so much to imagine and build across the country, why not get a surety line of credit from Colonial Surety Company? All construction companies that complete our brief pre-qualification receive, for free, Dun & Bradstreet scores.  Those who pre-qualify for a surety line of credit, go on to upload a few more documents that help Colonial better understand the operation and underwrite a Partnership Account®.

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