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Schools Are Building: $190 Billion!


The future is now. School districts across the country are busy constructing and renovating buildings to reflect innovations in education. Smart walls? Treehouses? Contactless everything? Flexible spaces? All are possible. Ready to go?

It’s Not the 1950s…

School buildings constructed back in the day are less and less suitable for today’s possibilities. It’s exciting to think about new learning environments for our kids—and new projects for our builders too! Hoping to get going on some public works soon?

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Opening Up: Flexibility and Light

Construction Dive reports that relief funding bills over the past several months have resulted in $190.5 billion available for school facilities. Closed buildings have even enabled some districts to make rapid progress on repairs and plans halted last year. Architects, builders, and educators are like-minded in seizing the moment to create spaces that will keep children safe—and inspired— in a new era for education.

 Experts predict that new and renovated school facilities will incorporate flexible designs to accommodate both individual and group learning. Embracing the possibilities of outdoor spaces and letting the outside in, as well as designing for high tech learning experiences are also high on the list across the country. Architect Callie Gaspary, of Mosaic Architects in Troy, New York describes some of the emerging trends:


Now that students can really take their learning anywhere, they will make greater use of comfortable spaces that provide an opportunity for a change of scenery that many schools have been investing in….The ability to relax while learning makes the school day less rigid and more enjoyable.

The ability to pivot from group learning and play to a more singular learning space will be key. Flexible furniture to facilitate group or individual activities; individualized storage to keep supplies separate and accessible; and the use of technology can provide for group activities while keeping students at a distance. 

Of course, the importance of air circulation and ventilation means HVAC contractors are critically needed for school construction, as are plumbers with expertise in contactless fixtures and a green mindset.

Ideas In Action

Across the country, innovative new designs and buildings for K-12 education are underway already—or even completed. For example, in Haslet, Texas, general contractor, Adolfson & Peterson Construction has completed the buildout of a new elementary school, with design partner, Huckabee. The school features a central common space, known as “the nest,” designed to feel like a large tree house and incorporating an open-concept library. “Learning pods” and classrooms with flexible walls provide opportunities to expand and contract space as needed, with natural light flowing throughout.

Another interesting new approach reported by School Construction was recently executed in Nashville, Tennessee. The Linden Waldorf School seized the opportunity to build permanent, year-round, outdoor learning pavilions. The facilities tie right into the school’s curriculum, which incorporates gardening, woodworking, orienteering, botany and movement classes.

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