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$900 Billion Headed To State DOTs



Transportation revenue has been hit hard during the pandemic—though goods and services must continue to flow. Federally has been apportioned to each state to help.

Funding for Critical Work

The $900 billion COVID-19 relief measure passed in late December 2020 includes $9.8 billion for state departments of transportation. The pandemic has resulted in less commuters and vehicles on the roads, causing deep declines in state transportation revenues. The relief funding is aimed at helping states maintain systems—and ensuring the goods and services we all need continue to be transported.

Construction Dive reports that the federal funds have been apportioned to state DOTS, explaining:

Each states portion will be based on the states share of obligation limitations within the Fixing Americas Surface Transportation or FAST Act,

State DOTs can use the relief money to fund Surface Transportation Block Grant-eligible projects, preventive and routine maintenance, operations, employee and contractor salaries, debt service and availability payments and coverage for other revenue losses….Additionally, the relief funds — which will be available until Sept. 30, 2024 — could be transferred to public tolling and ferry agencies for all of the same costs as state DOTs.

California ($918 million) and Texas ($914 million) are receiving the most money, and Florida ($473 million) is next. The complete list is here.

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