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A Rapidly Changing Field: Notary Publics



Enjoy civic-minded work? Hate paper? Love speed and efficiency?  The new era in the notary public profession was made for you. Business is booming for online and mobile notary public services.

 There’s No Going Back

The past year has seen a huge shift in the notary profession. The sudden rise in demand for mobile and online services shows no sign of stopping. Staying put while accessing a wide variety of online services is one new norm ushered in by the pandemic that is here to stay. Why, for example, would any of us still need or want to pile up a bunch of papers and documents, scurry across town and wait  for the notary in a lobby—or the back of the bank or drug store?

Now, for the most part, we can have our important life acts—marriage, divorce, wills, trusts, new businesses, home purchases and so on—witnessed and signed by a notary,  online, any time of the day or week. With so many people making shifts in their lives, homes and work, business for remote online notarizations is booming.

In the past year alone, about 25 states moved quickly to authorized remote online notarization—bringing the total states allowing it to about 29, and experts predict there’s no going back.

An Enduring Public Service

Though the process for notarizing has largely shifted to online (with on-call, mobile notarizes also a growing trend), the essential, noble purpose of notaries has not.

Legal Zoom explains:

notary public serves the public by acting as an impartial witness to the signing of documents. A notary public is responsible for verifying the identities of each person signing a particular document, confirming their willingness and mental capacity to sign the document, and ensuring that the signer understands the nature and significance of the document being executed.

Understanding and Obtaining Notary Bonds

As you think about becoming a notary, or renewing your credentials, remember, you’ll need a notary bond in most states. A notary bond is a type of surety bond—it protects the public, serving as a guarantee that you will perform your duties in accordance with all regulations and avoid wrong doing in the performance of your duties.

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Verify and Witness: Get To Work

Once you are bonded and working as a notary, in addition to earning money, you will be witnessing so many of the life-changing decisions of others. Though you can now do your duties online, the essential functions of a notary remain unchanged:

  • Verify the identity of the person signing a document.
  • Verify that there is no duress or intimidation dictating the signing.
  • Ensure the signer knows what they are signing and is willingly signing it.

The public relies on Notaries to be neutral and to refrain from serving in circumstances where they have a private interest. Notaries take an oath to never decline service due to nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation or politics.

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