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Rather than spin into a flurry of effort when business hits a lull, construction business owners are wise to keep their marketing efforts continuously humming along. Experts point to the importance of steady attention to marketing and offer tips on the social media aspect of an overall marketing strategy.


Showcase Your Brand and Warm Up Leads

Clever ads and marketing ploys, on their own, are unlikely to work magic. For a thriving and sustainable business, It’s best to maintain a steady approach to warming up leads, communicating about accomplishments that make you proud, and keeping your business on the radar, At Construction Business Owner, Michael Monahan shares this perspective on aiming for an ongoing drumbeat of marketing activity:


Marketing encompasses a wide range of activities, from sending out press releases about a project ribbon-cutting to developing a brand positioning statement and clarifying your target audience … .In many ways, marketing activities build the foundation to support a healthy return on investment for paid advertising campaigns. Marketing alone cannot grow your business, but it will help. Marketing efforts can bring in leads for new projects, introduce you to project owners and differentiate you from your competitors. When business is good, your marketing efforts should be running in the background maintaining your brand recognition … .If there is a lull in business, turning up your marketing efforts can help you fill the gap. Relying on marketing only when you need new business is not an efficient or effective strategy. When you market your company well, everything becomes easier, including learning about bid opportunities, winning business, attracting and retaining talent, and connecting with investors.


Tips for Marketing Through Social Media

Although it should not be the only marketing tactic in your toolkit, social media is of course a good way to stay connected to leads and build awareness about your work. Remember, however: It’s best not to be haphazard or casual about your approach to using social media to market your business. Everything you post is a reflection of your brand—and each post plays a role in conveying what matters to you about your business. Experts at Construction Business Owner advice “setting and sticking to guidelines for how your brand should be represented across various platforms.” Here are some specific “Do’s and Don’ts” from Meagan Saxton to keep in mind as you develop and implement a strong and positive social media strategy:



  • Regularly engage with your followers — You’re here to build relationships with both existing and potential new clients and followers.


  • Maintain a consistent posting schedule — Make sure you’re keeping it fresh for your followers. Understand your company’s goals and share them with your audience.


  • Choose what content is most appropriate for your brand…. Be sure to represent yourself and the interests of your customers well.





  • Over-promote yourself —…Steer clear of the “me, me, me” mindset. Engaging with followers and other accounts — yes, even your competitors — can keep your brand from appearing too self-centered.


  • Post too much too often — It’s important to maintain a consistent cadence,…but you don’t want to bombard your audience….


  • Criticize other brands — Keep it clean. There is never a good reason to argue, insult or attack….Going down a defense road…can produce a negative outcome for your brand, and, remember: your audience is always watching.


While building your social media strategy, seriously consider LinkedIn, which some construction experts find is a real gem, noting: “On Facebook the contractor is interrupting the consumer’s endless consumption of funny cat videos with his marketing message … hopefully in a way that’s not going to annoy them. On LinkedIn, potential customers are much more likely to be actively searching for resources that enhance their business.”  When you are ready to take your LinkedIn marketing effort up a few notches, plan to put about 20 minutes a day into it. You’ll find some more tips for leveraging the potential of LinkedIn right here.


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