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Where our minds go, energy flows, right? With all the public building going on around the country, winning a bigger build is now a real possibility for hungry contractors. Take inspiration from these recently awarded really big builds. Spoiler alert: dams are getting some badly needed attention, and so are highways and schools.


Purpose Driven

Construction Dive shares that some of the biggest builds that have been recently awarded include: $48 million for a flood control project in Wharton Texas; $36 million for a highway project in North Carolina’s Cape Fear Region; a $12 billion greenfield energy project in Brownsville, Texas; and a $113 million dollar infrastructure project for the airport in Orlando Florida. As flood control becomes increasingly pressing in many regions of the country, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is eager to move the flood mitigation project in Wharton, Texas forward and recently awarded the build to Granite Construction. Addressing “historical flooding challenges along the Colorado River and three nearby creeks,”:


The job will include the construction of four levee reaches, five interior gravity sump areas, storm sewer relief systems, slope repair activities and miscellaneous paving improvements….In addition to the levee system, the project will implement five interior gravity sumps featuring cast-in-place structures equipped with sluice or flap gates, …to manage water levels and reduce the risk of localized flooding. The project is planned to begin in September and is expected to be completed in December 2024.


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Good To Know: Dams

According to the Association of State Dam Safety, “$158 billion is needed to fix more than 88,000 non-federal dams deemed deficient across the country.” As Construction Dive further explains:


Flood mitigation projects and dams have garnered increased attention in the face of climate change and the risks associated with rising water levels. In Michigan, the Edenville and Sanford dam failures have spurred litigation and finger pointing as to who was ultimately responsible for the collapse after warning signs emerged nearly a decade earlier. And in the wake of the near toppling of the Oroville Dam in California in 2017, a disaster that was only narrowly averted by sacrificing the structure’s crumbling main spillway, more questions have arisen about the country’s aging dam infrastructure. Meanwhile, the possibility of an “Arkstorm,” where California receives two back-to-back years of atmospheric rivers, prompted The New York Times Magazine to publish a cover article looking at California’s dams, titled “The Trillion Gallon Question.”


Schools Too

Of course dams, despite their importance, may not be on the radar of every contractor–but schools definitely could be. As you consider purposeful new builds, keep an eye on your local school districts. Federal funding from the Elementary and Secondary Emergency Relief (ESSER) allocations is fueling improvements in school districts across the country. Projects that would ordinarily be nearly impossible to tackle are underway. K-12 Dive reports that many school districts are strategically using ESSER funds for “comprehensive infrastructure projects that will reduce costs and stabilize budgets for years to come, all while modernizing the learning environment to meet changing needs post-pandemic.”


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