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California’s Speed Line?


With operation from San Francisco to Los Angeles slated to begin in just over 10 years, the country’s first high speed, long-distance rail line currently involves active construction at 35 sites in California’s Central Valley. The ultimate goal? Bullet trains moving passengers from San Francisco to Los Angeles in under three hours.


Traveling At 200 Miles Per Hour?

That’s the plan for the bullet trains, and, as Construction Dive reports, a speedy future seems more in reach every day:


The California high-speed rail project…currently encompasses 35 active construction sites across a 119-mile stretch of the Central Valley. The sites are divided across three design-build contracts…According to the State of California’s High-Speed Rail Authority, the system is expected to run from San Francisco to Los Angeles in under three hours via bullet trains moving up to 200 miles per hour. Planned extensions to Sacramento and San Diego would extend the system’s reach over 800 miles with up to 24 stations. The California High-Speed Rail Authority anticipates environmental clearance for the full Phase 1 San Francisco to LA/Anaheim light rail system by 2023. The current cost estimate for the Central Valley section is $13.1 billion. The first section will run between Merced, California, and Bakersfield, California, with operation expected to begin by December 2028, according to the rail authority’s 2020 business plan.


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Chugging Along

Not to be left in the dust, the East Coast hopes to pick up speed too, alleviating congestion on the Interstate 95 corridor with a superconducting magnetic levitation train that could zip passengers along at speeds of 311 miles per hour. Here’s hoping? Meanwhile, plans are chugging along to pick up the pace of transit in the New York-New Jersey region. As The New York Times reports, projects that are likely to advance with help from the federal infrastructure commitment include the extension of Manhattan’s Second Avenue subway line (aka the Q Train) as well as the construction of a new rail tunnel connecting New York and New Jersey. Other eagerly awaited projects include: up to 60 bridge renovation efforts along New Jersey’s busy highways; and repairs on the notoriously slow Brooklyn-Queens Expressway which is reported “to be crumbling under the weight of more than 150,000 vehicles a day.”


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