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Collaboration in Construction?


Shortages. Delays. Pricing. Labor. Shifts in business as usual continue to reverberate across the construction landscape. Industry experts predict that the successful companies of the future are going to be those who figure out how to collaborate—not just to push projects along, but ultimately to create greater end results for stakeholders.

 Embracing Change

With massive disruption the name of the game for over 18 months, construction businesses have been ramping up the use of technology to break down silos, curtail time wasted in meetings and avoid duplication of effort. Now, industry experts, like Clark Pacific predict that collaboration will go even further:

So, what exactly does collaboration in construction look like? It varies. It can be as simple as implementing technology that streamlines internal processes; and it can be as complex as restructuring your organization and go-to-market strategy to be more competitive as the construction supply chain becomes more consolidated.   

Both avenues are necessary to keep up with the future of construction, and they both provide tangible benefits. Using technology as a foundation, construction firms cannot only break down silos, they can also integrate the construction supply chain.

 McKinsey predicts that construction value and profit pools will shift dramatically, and by 2035, total profit pools may double, unlocking $265 billion in potential new profit for stakeholders who take the lead in embracing change. But design professionals and general contractors risk getting left behind. General contractors must offer more than execution alone, and design will face increased commodification and automation. To stay ahead of the curve, stakeholders must focus on building partnerships and alliances that are centered on delivering better outcomes and value to owners, not just project-based transactions.

Start Today: A Practical Collaboration

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Investing In the Future?

Though exacerbated by the pandemic, the skills gap has been a challenge in the construction industry us for nearly a decade. An aging workforce, declines in vocational education and limited training for specific skill sets, such as those needed in the craning and lifting sector, all contribute to the labor shortage. American Cranes and Transport observes that smaller companies can be more impacted by skills gaps than larger ones, since they can be without the resources to develop and retain talent. Prepare for the future by investing in talent development programs; collaborating in the vocational education sector; and embracing technology to increase productivity.

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