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Stadium Construction?


Construction firms that build stadiums have an arena full of stakeholders to please. Fans, home team management and advertising sponsors all want a say in the action. Public officials—representing taxpayer dollars of course have a big role too. Word is that the Buffalo Bills are negotiating for a new stadium. Will it happen? Who will build it?

Public Endeavor?

 AP News reports that the NFL fans may be enjoying a new stadium in Buffalo, New York, by 2027. Negotiations are underway on a 60,000 seat arena estimated at $1.4 billion with 50% of the total coming from state and local government. As Construction Dive reports, building a stadium is a massive public undertaking:

 The role of the stadium has evolved to provide more than home field advantage. It’s an entertainment experience cultivated by crowds, screens, music, and food. The enormous arenas have become part of city skylines. They’re a team’s home, and a stadium’s condition can be vital to a franchise’s business….… Building a stadium is a herculean task. From the sheer skill required to plan and execute the construction, to the scrutiny from ownership and the public to an immovable completion deadline on top of mountains of money, it’s no surprise that there are so few stadium builders in the U.S., said Greg McClure, senior vice president at Manhattan Construction Company….Still, while the high stakes and public nature of the projects can be a challenge, it’s also incredibly rewarding, said Adam Hardy, market director at Mortenson. 

Go Big, or Go Home?

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A Rewarding Build?

 The challenges involved in building stadiums can keep builders out of the game. But, as Mortenson’s mark director, Andy Hardy says: “The reward is when you are part of one of these builds and dedicate years of your life to its success and get to show up for the first game and see the smile on the owner’s face and the excitement of the fans. The roar of the crowd as the team leaves the tunnel for the first time in a new stadium is amazing.”

 Of course, the roar in arenas is not just for the home team—concerts are a big draw too.  With the goal of being “the most progressive, responsible, and sustainable arena in the world,” Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena will feature COLDPLAY at its grand opening. In addition to using clean and renewable energy the Arena will also have rechargeable vehicle stations and encourage fans to participate in rainwater collection for the ice the NHL’s Seattle Kraken will skate on. Ready to make the news with your next big build? Come on—let’s get you armed with The Partnership Account® services. Then, you’ll go after lots of new projects with speed and confidence — knowing your bidding and financial information is secure. Hurry, You Could Be Bidding Now!

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