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Constructing Hyperloops?



A regulatory framework included in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act enables hyperloop projects to compete for federal funding for U.S.-based projects. This makes Virgin Hyperloop one of the construction industry’s most watched projects over the next year. Virgin is reportedly on pace to begin commercial operations by 2030.


700 Miles Per Hour?

Could it be that the future is arriving faster by the moment? As Construction Dive reports, moving about at ever faster speeds seems in reach:


The Hyperloop concept, popularized by Elon Musk, incorporates a series of vacuum-sealed tubes that can transport passengers and cargo in low-pressure pods at proposed speeds of over 700 miles per hour. Hyperloop projects and test sites are in various stages of progress around the world…In West Virginia, development is underway on the Virgin Hyperloop Certification Center. First announced in October 2020, the 800-acre site will include testing facilities, training centers and a certification track for hyperloop technology. Virgin Hyperloop intends to achieve safety certifications by 2025 and begin commercial operations by 2030. 


Virgin Hyperloop has an active test track in Las Vegas, and is targeting the Midwest, Missouri, North Carolina, and Texas for potential future hyperloop routes in the US. California-based HyperloopTT has conducted a feasibility study for a hyperloop route in the Great Lakes region, and Swiss-American hyperloop company Swisspod has announced the construction of a test track in Colorado.

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Committing To Contech?

Hyperloop technology is not the only tech buzz in construction news. Suddenly, it seems that everyone’s focused on—and investing in—advancing the use of technology across the lifespan of builds. In fact, the 1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act  (aka IIJA) has specifically earmarked $100 million for technology to bring projects in on time and on budget. Citing a report from CEMEX Ventures, Construction Dive also reports that investments in contech tripled from 2020-2021, with start-ups aimed at enhancing productivity reaping the biggest infusion of cash—a whopping $4.5 billion. Green construction, the supply chain and “tools reshaping the traditional construction process” also experienced strong support from investors


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