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Expanding: Clean Energy Construction



New executive orders from the White House leverage the Defense Production Act of 1950 to propel clean energy construction and, ultimately, increase the production of clean energy in the United States.

Domestic Manufacturing

Construction Dive reports: “The Domestic Production Act (DPA) allows the president to “order private businesses to prioritize the production of materials that have been deemed necessary for national defense.” Accordingly, the White House is calling for rapid expansion of domestically manufactured:


  • Solar panel parts.
  • Building insulation.
  • Heat pumps for buildings. 
  • Equipment to make and use clean electricity-generated fuels.
  • Critical power grid infrastructure like transformers.


Overall, the new orders are aim at “eliminating carbon from the countrys power supply by 2035,” as well as protecting clean energy jobs and builds: Together, these actions will spur domestic manufacturing, construction projects and good-paying jobs — all while cutting energy costs for families, strengthening our grid, and tackling climate change and environmental injustice…”


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Good To Know

April 2023 is the effective date for implementation of the new energy codes as federal buildings are constructed—or retrofitted. Since the federal government owns more buildings then any other entity in the country— 350,000–the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy observes that the impact of the new codes can play a significant role on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, Construction Dive reports the new energy codes are anticipated to “save more than $15 billion in net costs over the next 30 years.”  Beginning in April 2023, under the new code:


All new buildings and major retrofits constructed by the federal government must comply with more stringent energy code requirements, a move that the Department of Energy estimates will save $4.2 million in operating costs in the first year. Federal projects will be constructed to meet 2021 International Energy Conservation Code and the 2019 ASHRAE Standard 90.1 codes…The announcement builds upon the priorities of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which includes $225 million for state and local implementation of energy codes.


High Expectations?

Though sometimes ambitious visions seem like a stretch, builders across the country prove every day that  much is possible when it comes to improving infrastructure and stewarding the environment, Consider, for example LaGuardia Airport’s new Terminal B.

In addition to two soaring pedestrian sky bridges, which create more room for people and planes, Terminal B was designed with “a 43%…water savings and an 18% reduction in energy costs. Most of the debris from Terminal B’s garage demolition were repurposed for the new construction, according to the Port Authority, and even the baggage handling system was designed to save on energy, with a sleep mode that only moves when bags are present.”


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