Good Times: Yoga and Pilates



Interest in yoga and pilates has been steadily growing for years—and in many ways, the pandemic spurred even greater interest in flowing, flexing, stretching and becoming more mindful. Instructors find themselves with waitlists, online followers, and opportunities to expand into new markets. Here are some of the interesting trends.


Broga, Snoga, SUP…


While men take—and instruct—all kinds of yoga and pilates classes all the time, some have particularly focused on a niche market, as Yogapedia explains: “Broga is the trademarked name for a type of yoga class specifically marketed to men and athletically inclined individuals that believe they do not have the flexibility for other yoga classes. Broga combines familiar fitness exercises with yoga poses and pranayama to strengthen muscles and relax tight areas.”


Skiers and snow boarders are another group of people eager to loosen up—hence the growing opportunities for yoga and pilates instructors to obtain work in the mountains—or a niche of online students. MobilityDuo, which offers online courses and winter retreats explains: “SNOGA was designed by a snowboarding yoga instructor to help advance skills and prevent injuries. Each class focuses on mobility in areas crucial for the sport including ankles, knees, hips, spine, shoulders and more.” Of course some people prefer their boards in the water—and want a yoga experience too—hence the increasing popularity of SUP Yoga (aka doing yoga on a Stand Up Paddleboard).


Instructors can of find work teaching SUP Yoga on the shores of Florida and California—but they can also draw a following in New York City, on the Hudson River. Yep! (Or Yup?) As Manhattan Kayak explains “Families, kids, and dogs enjoy the calm water between the Pier 84 Boathouse and the Intrepid Aircraft Carrier…” Among the various activities offered are stand-up paddleboard yoga (aka SUP Yoga): “We welcome beginners to both yoga and paddleboarding! The instuctor assists each person with launching and anchoring to a stable point on the water. We breath deeply and connect the movement of the water with our yoga asanas. We are protected from wind and waves in the Intrepid Cove.”


Hmmm…not quite so intrepid? Of course yoga and pilates instructors are also a google search away from just about every zip code around the country—working in studios, offering personal classes in homes and providing online classes. Something instructors have in common, in addition to a passion for flexing and teaching, is: they can—and do— get sued. Not only can a client claim poor instruction (whether online or in life) resulted in physical or mental injury, but these days, clients can also claim damage due to cyber breaches. Afterall, most instructors have client lists on their laptops, payment info on their mobiles…and so on. With cybercrime on the rise, there’s always the possibility that a breach results in leaked information—and the added risk of failure to comply with the plethora of emerging notification and disclosure regulations across the country.


Colonial is here to help yoga and pilates instructors remain in the zen zone, with a unique and affordable Professional Liabiilty+Cyber Liability Insurance Package.

Armed with this protection, if you’re ever sued for negligence because mistakes were made or your work didn’t meet expectations, Colonial will cover legal defense expenses, as well as, the cost of settlements and judgments. For added value, with your first purchase of insurance from Colonial Surety, we include $50,000 of Cyber Liability Insurance to further protect your yoga and pilates instruction business. Specifically, in the event of a cyber breach you’ll have defense against related lawsuits and regulatory actions, plus expert-led response, notification and crisis management services to prevent an incident from spiraling into a disaster. Even a few hours with a lawyer in the event you face an allegation costs more then the annual fee for Colonial’s Professional Liabiilty+Cyber Liability Insurance Package for yoga and pilates instructors.


Obtain your liabilty insurance for yoga and pilates instructors from Colonial in minutes, now. Just:


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