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Governor Murphy Reopens NJ Schools


This fall, New Jersey schools must include social distancing and face masks as part of a new COVID-19 safety initiative for students and staff. Governor Murphy has partnered with the Department of Education Commissioner Laont Repollent to make sure the guidance for all grades, K-12, will offer a safe learning space for students. However, Murphy added that the “switch could be flipped” to remote learning if the virus re-surges.

The following are the main rules for students and staff for new school year:

  • Teachers, staff, and visitors must wear a face covering;
  • If face coverings risk a person’s health, they do not have to be worn;
  • Students are strongly encouraged to wear masks but must wear them if they are unable to maintain 6 feet of distance;
  • Hand-washing and disinfecting procedures must be readily available for buses and buildings.
  • Reading circles are prohibited
  • Students must be placed 6 feet apart from one another. Barriers must be placed at desks and should face in one direction if distance rules are unable to be followed.

Click here to read the entire set of rules.

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