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Growth Path: Proposal Specialist?



Clear goals, niche expertise, solid reputation, equipment upgrades, great workers, social media presence … .As a contractor, you can get all this right, and still find your business stagnating, unless you have the capacity to actually bid on more work. Leveling up might necessitate investing in a proposal specialist.


Maybe It Is Time?

In the construction business, having the capacity to do more work is one thing, but actually winning more work turns out to be quite another: “Construction bid writing is a specialized occupation that requires finesse and a crosspollination of art and science to deliver a final proposal that accurately meets RFP requirements while telling a compelling, convincing story that persuades a prospective client why your company should get their business.” Given the challenges, contractors poised for growth may find that investing in a dedicated proposal specialist pays off. Sometimes also referred to as a bid writer or proposal writer, essentially, a proposal specialist has strong writing skills, attends to details and coordinates all the information that goes into submitting the winning bid, on time. Depending on experience, salaries for proposal specialists range from about $50-$100k, and typical duties and responsibilities may include:



  • Establishing pre-production document management and file-sharing for proposal teams
  • Conducting and participating in proposal kick-off meetings and proposal updates and milestone reviews
  • Coordinating content collection with partners and subcontractors as necessary
  • Independently reviewing Request for Proposal (RFP) requirements and coordinating professional, thorough proposal
  • Assisting in developing content for key sections, including written responses and coordination of appropriate accompanying graphics 
  • Writing and supplying proposals with “win themes” and competitive advantages 
  • Interviewing technical and non-technical subject matter experts (SMEs) to gather data and write compelling proposal content while ensuring deliverables are compliant with RFP requirements 
  • Developing and maintaining templates, style guides, and coordination documents for each proposal in collaboration platforms (e.g., Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint, Dropbox) 
  • Conducting post-proposal debriefing and managing libraries for future proposals in various lines of business. Working with company SMEs to ensure libraries are up to date, including recent project experience



Partnering for the Win

When searching for a proposal specialist, don’t overlook local colleges, many of which offer a proposal writing course or two, or even certificate programs. Even if not ready to fully tackle the job of proposal submission, students may be able to learn by doing and gain experience, as they lift some of the burden off busy construction company owners. 


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