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Mississippi Business Reopen Monday


Governor Tate Reeves of Mississippi announced establishments can start business as usual as of Monday, provided they obey strict safety guidelines to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The governor indicated that as of Monday, there will be no more closures and all establishments will be allowed to continue business as usual.

The new guidance titled the “Safe Return” order instructs businesses to let 50 people in their building at a time, and 100 people at a time outside their establishments. In places where social distancing is not possible to enforce, the business capacities will be reduced to 20 individuals inside and 50 individuals outside.

“There are no perfect options, but freedom with risk is better than prolonged shutdown,” the Governor of Mississippi firmly stated.

Reeves indicated the amount of new coronavirus cases was at a” 40-60-day plateau”, which has not overwhelmed the state’s hospitals. He also added that wearing a mask, though not mandatory, is the responsible thing for Mississippians to do.

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