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New Beginnings: Renovating and Building Too


Across the country, states continue committing funds to begin long awaited projects. In New Jersey, a $190 million renovation effort to Newark Penn Station begins soon.

Starting Immediately

New Jersey has committed to a five-year, $190 million effort to restore and reinvigorate 90 year old Newark Penn Station. reports that $30 million of repair work is getting underway immediately, with a first wave of projects including:

  •  restoring benches in the waiting room;
  • improvements to platforms;
  • replacing the lights with LEDs;
  • bathroom renovations;
  • platform door replacements;
  • upgrades to HVAC and air-handling units;
  • painting and tile work;
  • washing of the station’s limestone exterior.

It is anticipated that additional, projects will get underway too. For example, the award of a  $1.6 million contract for drainage and pavement repairs is expected soon. As Governor Phil Murphy said:

 We are proud to announce a new beginning for this historic building, a process of reimagination and reinvigoration that will restore this station to its full grandeur….The future of Newarks economy, like the economic future of our state, rides in so many ways on the rails that run through here and on the buses that enter and leave the station.

Competing For Public Projects Across The Country

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Bigger Projects Anticipated

The work getting off the ground at Newark Penn Station is just the beginning of what is ultimately envisioned by NJ Transit as a $454 million renovation effort. Meanwhile, planning continues on a multi-billion dollar effort to replace the bridge between Newark Penn and New York Penn Station—and the related Gateway tunnel construction and repair effort. Ultimately, it is anticipated that federal funds will be allocated to support these massive infrastructure efforts.

2021 and beyond could turn out to be an unprecedented period of repairing, building—and reimagining all over the country. Where are you hoping to make your mark?

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