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New York City Restarts Construction During Phase One Reopening


Following a three-month delay, New York City construction sites are scrambling to resume operations and complete their projects. Manufacturing, wholesalers, “non-essential” retailers and construction workers can revive Hundreds of thousands of workers will be returning to work Monday morning exactly 100 days following the first report of the COVID-19 case. The City has now concluded its months-long virus shutdown

“New York City’s restart begins today. It’s been a long road to get here. New Yorkers have earned it day by day,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said. “Keep up what works: face coverings and social distancing are as important as ever.”

To keep construction workers safe, the New York City Department of Buildings printed new guidelines for contractors and property owners. These rules are joined by a requirement to develop site-specific health plans. Specific construction businesses permitted to reopen are the following:

  • Residential building construction;
  • Land subdivision;
  • Building finishing contractors;
  • Highway, street, and bridge construction;
  • Non-residential building construction;
  • Building equipment contractors;
  • Foundation, structure, and building exterior contractors;
  • Utility system construction

What’s more, the state is requiring construction employers to conduct employee health screening. Staff must be reminded to closely monitor their health and if sick to stay home. Staff who come to work sick or become sick must be immediately sent home. Employers are advised to relax leave policies to encourage workers to stay home until they meet the criteria for ending self-isolation. Correspondingly, it is essential to promote good hand hygiene, physical distancing, and regular utilization of face coverings.

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