Court Bonds

NJ Courts to Soon Resume for Limited Matters


Courthouses across the Garden State are planning to resume operations in late June to permit some legal cases to start in-person under a “post-pandemic” plan signed off this week by the New Jersey Supreme Court. As Phase 2 is set to launch on June 22, courthouses will be allowed to commence the completion of five jury trials that began prior to the state’s COVID-19 shutdown.

Trials in DWI cases and other substantial municipal court matters will also be permitted to start in-person proceedings in municipal courts on June 22. The reopening plan will let in-person sentencing, hearings and guilty pleas in cases regarding violations of probation for defendants in custody, violations of monitoring, and requests for final extreme risk protective orders to be held in-person. However, new jury trials are paused until sometime following Phase 3, the date of which is undetermined at this time. In the meantime, most matters must be continued remotely as they were during Phase 1.

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