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Out With The Old: Renovation Time



A $40 million construction project will get underway in 2023 at New York City’s venerable Metropolitan Museum of Art. Slated to open in 2025 the 15,000 square foot renovation of the Ancient Near East and Cypriot Galleries joins the $70 million dollar renovation project that kicked off in the Michael C. Rockefeller wing last year.


Boom, Boom, Boom

Contractors specializing in renovation are in big demand. In addition to the home renovation surge, civic institutions are hard at work, giving fresh perspective to the spaces that hold our collective stories. As builders well know, form follows function and at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, it’s been determined that increased insight into cross cultural connections has generated new space requirements. Reporting on the renovation plans for the Ancient Near East and Cypriot Galleries, the The New York Times shares:


Nader Tehrani, principal of the architecture firm NADAAA, has designed the new space, using elements that reflect the materials of the exhibited artworks, such as the deep blues of lapis lazuli seen in Sumerian designs. Kim Benzel and Seán Hemingway, curators at the museum, will oversee the project. They aim to integrate these separate areas of the collection into an updated display that demonstrates the cross-cultural connections between the Near East — now commonly referred to as West Asia — and Cyprus.


As preparations for the work in the Ancient Near East Galleries ratchet up, construction’s already been kicked off in the Michael C. Rockefeller Wing. The Art Newspaper reports: “The Met has developed the project with the New York-based architect Kulapat Yantrasast of the firm wHY. Part of the overhaul involves the installation of a glass wall to better illuminate the galleries and the addition of new fixtures to increase the display of artworks across the space. When the wing reopens…it will span nearly 3,000 works and include new audio, text and video features.”


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New York, New York?

Of course to get to the Metropolitan Museum—or anywhere around town, transit options are a must. New Yorkers are eagerly anticipating construction projects that will dramatically improve the possibilities throughout the New York-New Jersey region.

For example, it’s expected that federal funding will advance the extension of Manhattan’s Second Avenue subway line (aka the Q Train) as well as the construction of a new rail tunnel connecting New York and New Jersey. As The New York Times reports, other projects are likely to include:


  • Repair of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, which is “crumbling under the weight of more than 150,000 vehicles a day.”
  • As many as 60 bridge projects in New Jersey, home to some of the busiest highways in the country.
  • Attention to the Metro-North passenger line, including the crucial—and 120-year-old—Walk Bridge in Norwalk, Connecticut.
  • Acceleration of a shift to electric buses by New Jersey Transits, as well as replacement f old school buses which generate harmful emissions.


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