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Public Possibilities


With new public projects of all kinds anticipated across the country, some regions are exploring new policy possibilities too. Pittsburgh, for example, is pursuing a deconstruction policy. Interesting. Are you ready for the public projects your business could win?

Prepared and Reliable

Preparation and reliability are key to winning contracts. Of course, to win public bids, you also need easy and speedy access to bonds. Best to gear up ahead of the competition. WithThe Partnership Account® from Colonial Surety, you’ll grow your business with confidence—knowing your bidding and financial information is secure.

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  • Seeing your bonding limits clearly, and having direct access to our underwriter when you need the excess capacity to bid on a job.


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  • Protecting the confidentiality of your bids—after all, no one’s in the middle!


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Deconstruction vs Demolition?

With over 1,700 condemned buildings, Pittsburgh’s public officials are piloting a process for “sustainable demolition,” to use on designated city-funded tear-downs. The goals are multiple, as it is hoped that attention to deconstruction can reduce landfill waste, advance environmental stewardship and create paths to job training and jobs.

 Construction Dive reports that Pittsburgh’s materials preservation effort builds on efforts that have already been underway in Portland, Baltimore, Milwaukee and San Antonio. Deconstruction can be costly. The weight of materials headed to landfills is less, creating savings potential. However, deconstruction can be more labor-intensive. Despite this, In Pittsburgh, the current thinking is, “it’s the right thing to do.”

 The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is also exploring the issue of deconstruction as a part of a building’s life cycle:

 Senior Policy Counsel Elizabeth Beardsley described deconstruction as a still-emerging policy area. “Pittsburgh should be commended for taking that on,” Beardsley said. “I’m excited to see them doing this because I think that will be great to have more examples in different kinds of cities to show what’s possible.”

 Possibility Thinking

 Across the country, buildings are gearing up for their next big projects with The Partnership Account® from Colonial Surety Company.  Don’t get left behind!

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