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Red tape. Years of stop-go. Money. More money. Plans. More plans. Commitments. Back-outs. These are the challenges the biggest of big civil projects around the country face. Finally, some are seeing the actual light at the end of the tunnel. Here’s the scoop on a few of the infrastructure megaprojects hitting stride, with costs in the billions.


Planes, Trains, And Even…

Three years into the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), funds are tangibly at work as more projects are off the ground around the country. Funding from the Inflation Reduction and CHIPS Acts are also flowing, contributing to the continued strength of the civil building sector–and related spin off projects. Among the ambitious builds in motion is the expansion and transformation of John F. Kennedy Airport, where in addition to the “smaller projects” that have been progressing in Terminals 4 and 8:

“The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey expects the topping out of steel to occur in 2024 for the airport’s Terminal 1 and Terminal 6 projects. These cutting-edge international terminals, with a combined investment of $9.5 billion for Terminal 1 and $4.2 billion for Terminal 6, are currently simultaneously under construction.”


Three other other long-awaited and consequential megaprojects hitting significant milestones this year are:


A $30 billion nuclear power plant in Georgia, constructed in part by Reston, Virginia-based Bechtel, will likely cross a major threshold….Unit 4 of Plant Vogtle, located near Waynesboro, Georgia, is on schedule to begin generating power early this year…. The startup of the reactors has been hailed as a major milestone in U.S. nuclear power construction.


The Gateway Program is a $16.1 billion group of projectsdoubling capacity for the Northeast Corridor rail segment between New Jersey and New York City. The work includes rehabilitation of the old tunnels and construction of another pair, as well as new bridges, tracks and platforms.Several portions of Gateway are now in procurement — including the Manhattan Tunnel, the Palisades Tunnel, the Hudson River Ground Stabilization and Tonnelle Avenue Bridge and Utility Relocation Project — and contractors may be finalized this year.


Brightline West, a 218-mile rail link…received a $3 billion grant from the Federal-State Partnership for Intercity Passenger Rail Grant Program…That accounts for about 25% of the project’s $12 billion estimated cost….Beyond money, however, the project also has a leg up on cutting through the red tape and politics that have weighed down progress on California’s high-speed rail project between San Francisco and Southern California.


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